Travelling with your Pet


If you are travelling within the EU the rules for taking your pet (dog/cat/ferret) abroad are;

1) MICROCHIP - must be inserted BEFORE rabies vaccination


3) PETS PASSPORT - identifies your pet and contains details of vaccination

4) 21  DAY WAIT - after rabies vaccination before your pet may travel

5) TAPEWORM TREATMENT (dogs only) - your dog must go to a veterinary surgeon 1-5 days (24-120 hours) BEFORE returning to the UK for a tapeworm treatment and the appropriate section in the PETS passport must be signed and stamped. If you are only going away for a few days this treatment may be given in the UK before you leave. This treatment is not required if you are entering the UK directly from Finland, Ireland, Malta or Norway.

 You will not be allowed to re- enter the UK unless these conditions have been met.

 Although it is not an official requirement we strongly advise you to treat your pets for ticks while abroad.

There are several serious diseases which can be carried by ticks in particular so we advise you to treat your pets at least 1 week before leaving the UK, monthly while abroad and check at least daily for ticks. Remove any ticks that are found immediately- a tick removal tool is available which is very easy to use.

Please ask your vet for advice regarding the best product for your pets needs abroad.

Further information on travelling abroad with your pet can be found on

Travelling with your pet has never been easier but we would always urge you to consider your pets safety and comfort at all times. Long journey times may be involved and there may be unexpected delays. Plan ahead and make sure your pet has plenty of food, water and toilet breaks. And always be aware of how hot the car and your pet may be getting especially at the height of summer. 



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